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Aberhunderte Working German Shepherd Dogs

Last litter at Aberhunderte:

Zasko v. PrielbergSCH III, KKL I bred  to Holly v. haus Kastma, SCH III , KKL II  puppies born 24th April 2008,

linebreeding 5-5 Fero Zeuterner Himmelreich, 5-5 Falko haus Sindern, 5-5 Harro Lechrainstadt


Holly vom Haus Kastma SCHIII KKLII Hips A Fast Normal

I imported Holly  in November of 2006 from the Daelenberghütte kennels.  She is an incredible bitch scoring high in protection tracking and obedience.  She has a strong, full grip is extremely fast in protection and possesses a calm clear headed temperament.    Holly has a very strong drive and to say that she is keen to work would be an understatement!  She has already proven herself as an excellent producer with her first litter bred in Belgium, mated to Gringo von der Mohnwiese and we are expecting great things from her first UK litter.

Holly vom Haus Kastma pedigree information     Holly protection video


Aberhunderte Arro (at 9 months of age)

Arro was born on 24th April 2008 and is already showing incredible potential in all Schutzhund phases.


Arro protection video


Aberhunderte Aura

Now a fully operational police dog in Devon.  You have made me proud little girl.