Canine Behaviourist and Trainer

A Little About Me

Originally from the North East of England,  I now live in Perthshire with my German Shepherds Holly, Arro and Hera.  I am a practicing Canine Psychologist and Trainer with  particular interests in large breed aggression and the psychology of the rescue dog.


From a very early age, I was involved in the dog world, and have shown prize winning Corgis, Schipperkes and German Shepherds.   In America I had the privilege to  show a prize winning Caucasian Ovcharka.

I have done behavioural work with Husky teams in Canada and I have bred top working trials champions.


I have assessed and placed suitable dogs with the prison service, the army and police services.


I have been involved with various dog rescues and associated re-homing projects as well as being Chairman of the German Shepherd Helpline for over ten years.

Owning and training dogs has been a major part of my life for the past 25 years and I have a particular interest in working with rescue dogs with behavioural problems. 

Troy (pictured on the left) came to me at eight months old having previously had four homes.  His veterinary records stated that he was considered untrainable, uncontrollable and extremely aggressive.  In addition to these very obvious problems, he was also one of the largest German Shepherds I have come across, in adulthood weighing in at almost 60 kilos.

Troy turned into one of the best dogs I have ever owned and handled, sociable, relaxed and incredibly willing and able to work.  Sadly Troy passed away six years ago but he will be forever missed

Tara (pictured on the right) entered our lives aged seven when my local vet asked me to assess her suitability for rehoming.  She was incredibly nervous and prone to fear aggression and had allegedly killed another dog.  In addition, her previous owners had given her no training whatsoever.  One year on she had successfully completed intermediate level obedience, was bomb proof with other dogs and had become my shadow.

Sadly Tara passed away peacefully in her sleep in November 2006 aged fourteen years.  I have retained the photographs of her on this site in loving memory of a truly special dog who worked tirelessly with me to help cure other dogs of their own aggression, just as she had been cured of hers.  I know she will be waiting for me with all the others at the Rainbow Bridge.

Holly vom Haus Kastma SCH III came to us at the end of November 2006, imported from Belgium courtesy of breeder and trainer Rinus Bastiaansen.  Holly speaks flemish and a smattering of german.

Holly has a wonderful temperament, is fit, strong, agile and frankly everything a German Shepherd should be.  Her competition work is excellent and I have very high hopes for her.

Many thanks to Rinus for all his assistance in successfully bringing this wonderful girl into the country!



Home:       01887 877383          

Mobile:      07885 105332

Aberhunderte Arro was breed here by me in April 2008 the progeny of Holly vom Haus Kastma SCH III, and Zasko vom Prielberg SCH III, IPO III, KKL I.

He is a truly amazing young dog, strong, fit and with a super temperament I expect great things from him.

Again thanks are due to Rinus Bastiaansen for allowing me to use his amazing stud dog Zasko.  The trip Holly and I made to Belgium was well worth it.  Arro's 2 brothers and 6 sisters are all doing well in their respective homes and Aberhunderte  Working German Shepherds wishes them all the best for the future.